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Dry mixed composite light aggregate sample
Keywords: lightweight aggregate cushion click rate 1600 times Date: 2015-08-18

After research , experiment and development, a dry mixed composite lightweight aggregate was developed . (Hebei Chenglong Huihuang Company) It is mainly used for the preparation of lightweight aggregate concrete , thermal insulation mortar and refractory concrete, etc. It can also be used as thermal insulation loose filler . China is rich in natural light aggregate resources, especially in the Northeast , North China and Hainan Island . Natural light aggregates are easy to mine, have low energy consumption and are inexpensive. Some are not processed after mining , and some can be used after being crushed and sieved. The production process of artificial light aggregate is relatively complicated, and requires multiple processes such as raw material processing and roasting . The quality is better, but the energy consumption is larger.

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