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Dry mix composite light aggregate
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页岩陶粒,实际上已无陶粒供应。 Cities such as Beijing have restricted the use of clay ceramsite and shale ceramsite, and practically no ceramsite is available. 代替陶粒混凝土,此干拌料现场加水搅拌即可施工。 After research and development, a dry-mixed composite lightweight aggregate concrete cushion (referred to as "composite lightweight aggregate cushion" ) was used instead of ceramsite concrete.

See 12BJ1-1 "Engineering Practice"

混合 即成复合轻集料垫层。 Composite lightweight aggregate concrete is a composite of cement, fly ash, broken waste polyurethane particles, additives, and inorganic gel materials. Water is mixed at the construction site to form a composite lightweight aggregate cushion. Note: Our company's products are single-component products that are compounded at one time, which is convenient for construction.


The dry mixed composite lightweight aggregate developed by our company has applied for an invention patent from the State Intellectual Property Office. Patent number: 201510294821.5




The composite light aggregate cushion has outstanding advantages such as light weight, good construction performance, no on-site weighing for quantitative packaging, and simple preparation process. The use site can reduce the load of the building by more than 60%, and the drainage slope can be laid according to the use requirements.

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