Why do it alone? Coterie Books are made together!

Commemorate the special people and experiences in your life with these extraordinary books that capture stories and photos from the group.

A new kind of photo book

Whether you want to pay tribute to a grandparent, salute a retiring colleague or mark an incredible group vacation, Coterie Books are designed specifically for group efforts.

Why do it alone?

Now you can gather a coterie of people connected to your subject and make something exceptional together.


Better content, more perspectives

Instead of just relying on your own photos and stories, Coterie Books facilitate gathering the best photos and stories from a wide variety of sources.


Questions that trigger storytelling

We use thought-provoking questions as a way to tap into the memories and emotions that reveal great stories.


A premium keepsake designed to last

Professionally designed to make it effortless to create something of exceptional beauty, using quality materials that will endure the test of time.


Simplicity to remove extraneous effort

Our streamlined process makes it fun and easy to organize, and contribute to, a Coterie Book. It takes the pressure off of any single individual to do it all.

A picture may say a thousand words … but words can make a picture a thousand times more meaningful!

Have you been invited to join a Coterie?

Need a hand? See our tutorial on what you need to do as a Contributor.


Set up your Coterie Book project in minutes


Select a Coterie Book type (e.g., Birthday) and give it a title.


Pick 6 questions for your Coterie to answer.


Tell us when you need it. We’ll make a schedule.

That's it. Once your project is created, you can start inviting people to participate!

Build your Coterie!

A Coterie Book can be anywhere from 20 – 200 printed pages. The standard book includes 30 pages – or up to 14 Contributors – these are the people that you invite to participate in creating the book. Each of them contributes by answering your 6 questions and uploading 1 to 4 photos.

We make it easy to invite people by providing an automated email that includes all of the key details about your project. You don’t need to write anything, or you can edit the message to put it into your own words.

Part of your project dashboard includes a Contributors list. This is where you can track everyone invited, who has joined the Coterie, and the status of their contribution.

Send out invitations with email, social channels or just copy the link.

Managing your Coterie Book projects

Go to the My Coterie Books dashboard to find all the project cards for books you are involved in. The dashboard is split into Organizer and Contributor tabs, depending on your role.

Project cards under the Organizer tab are those that you set up. Click a project card to find all the key details about your book, and under the Tasks tab you can see what you will need to complete (e.g. Intro Letter).

Your timeline is also in the project dashboard. Coterie Books will help with reminders and notifications. If some of your Contributors need more time, you have the option of extending the Contribution deadline.

Once the deadline hits, you will be notified and can then review what was submitted, make edits, and add any finishing touches before approving the book for print.

Professionally designed for understated elegance

Premium textiles

Our books are elegantly wrapped in the Coterie Book’s bespoke purple linen, and feature a grey linen as the inside cover liner. The front cover can be titled on two lines using custom copper debossing foil. Vellum leafs inside - on the front and back - give the book an added touch of style.

Sustainable materials

We use a robust 148gsm matt uncoated paper that is delightful to the touch, visually stunning and responsibly Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified 100% recycled. Printing is handled by experienced specialists operating a cutting-edge digital offset printer, using 4-colour compostable liquid ink that will give your images richness and depth.

Sturdy and refined

Coterie Books are durable hardcovers that are lovingly produced in Canada. We can print a minimum of 20 pages and as many as 200 pages, maintaining our quality across the spectrum. We apply PUR perfect binding to ensure these heirlooms will last the test of time.

They come in 2 orientations: Landscape 8.5” x 11” or Square 10” x 10”.

Feedback from our users


I often reach for my Coterie book to reminisce and remind myself of all the love in my life. I treasure the stories, pictures and personal messages from family and friends. Living through our global pandemic and being distanced from those we love the most, has made it all the more valuable to me!

New York

My husband organized a surprise Coterie Birthday Book for my 40th birthday, and, wow! I was blown away by the thoughtfulness, and by the finished product. It was really so special and meaningful to read such lovely things from friends far and wide, things that honestly they probably wouldn't say directly to me without context or reason! So I'm so grateful to my hubby for gathering these lovely messages, and the book is something I'll treasure for years.

New York

I organised a Coterie Birthday Book for my wife's 40th birthday. I can't imagine a gift she would have appreciated more than this book full of happy memories and birthday wishes from the numerous people that adore her. Thanks for making it so easy!


I wish I discovered Coterie Books sooner! It was way less work for me and I ended up with a much better book than I could have ever done by myself. There are so many great applications for this - I will definitely be back!


I created a Coterie Retirement Book for a beloved colleague. It was simple and fun to set up. I loved browsing the suggested questions and coming up with my perfect six. The recipient was so touched by the collective effort. Great gift idea!


To say that I’m obsessed with Coterie Books is an understatement. I want everyone to have one. They are so precious. So meaningful. So unique. Yet so simple and FUN to set up and create. I’ve gifted three already and have no intention of ever stopping. Not an employee, family member, or paid influencer!